OOSMOS Commercial Licensing
1. Dual Licensed
2. GPLv2 License
3. Commercial License

1. Dual Licensed

Because OOSMOS, LLC owns the copyright to OOSMOS, we are able to offer two licenses:
  1. An open source GPLv2 license for the open source community.
    Many different terms are used for this kind of license, namely, restrictive, viral, reciprocal and copyleft.
  2. A commercial license that supersedes the GPL license allowing companies to integrate OOSMOS into their commercial products and distribute them without the GPL restrictions.
    This type of license is called a permissive license.
One important aspect of this business model is that we cannot accept outside contributions to the code base unless the contributor transfers the copyright to those changes over to OOSMOS, LLC. See the Contributor License Agreement at github.com/oosmos/oosmos, file CLA.md.

2. GPLv2 License

By downloading this software, you agree to abide by the terms of the GNU GPLv2 license.
Rather than attempt to highlight the terms of GPLv2 and run the risk of introducing ambiguities, we point you to the following resources instead:

3. Commercial License

You may use this software without the GPLv2 restrictions by entering into a commercial license with OOSMOS, LLC. The commercial license is granted on a "perpetual per product name" basis.

3.1 Same Code Base

The commercial code base is the same as the GPLv2 code base. Therefore, if your company has purchased a commercial license to use OOSMOS in your product, you may download and use the current and any future version of OOSMOS from our website.
Therefore, we encourage everyone to download OOSMOS to learn, experiment and create product prototypes. Later, if you decide to use OOSMOS in a commercial product, you only need to obtain an OOSMOS commercial license prior to shipping that product. No need to take delivery of a separate commercial version.

3.2 Perpetual Per Product Name

Commercial OOSMOS licenses are granted perpetually per product name. If your company develops another product using a different name, then a separate commercial license must be obtained before shipping that product.

3.3 Licensing Fee Schedule

Please contact us at licensing@oosmos.com.
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